Challenge your strategy and your business model

your strategy
and your business model

Want to make your business a strong brand? Our Integrated Brand Strategy (IBS) system is all you need. Our approach, both rational and creative, puts business, creativity and technology into perspective. More than 150 companies have successfully benefited from our strategy and branding know-how.

Integrated brand strategy

Our method consists of 4 distinct blocks essential for a coherent strategy and impactful communication. The IBS works with you you evaluate the relevance of your business model by considering your values, your vision and your strategy, to help you transition from your current situation to the ideal situation for viable economic performance.


  • Relevance of business model
  • Governance and process
  • Sales and marketing system
  • Identification of stakeholders
  • Added value
  • Technology assessment


  • Founding values
  • Definition of visions and goals
  • Values and promise
  • Environment and ecosystem
  • Brand identity and personality


  • Definition of strategies and tactics
  • Targets and audiences
  • Marketing plan
  • Budget and investment
  • Distribution channels
  • Dissemination plan


  • Design and prototyping
  • Building and deploying tools
  • Content creation
  • Production
  • Global project management
bettering academy

bettering academy

It was the conviction that a systemic approach is the key to innovation and sustainable economic development that prompted Inox Communication to co-found Bettering, a business academy that supports you through a sustainable transition.

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Case studies


Eyra Group

Acteur reconnu en Suisse romande, la société ALTEA challenge le marché romand des technologies de l’information en créant Eyra Group.


Groupe E

Groupe E et Inox Communication ont donné naissance à une marque unique dont les prestations sont désormais centrées sur le client et ses besoins.



"Comment affirmer notre marque et notre message auprès de nos clients et de nos équipes ?" C'est la question que nous a adressée Luceed, société active dans l'accompagnement des entreprises dans leurs projets de transformation numérique.